Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back in Action

Finally back in Missoula and settling in to the new house. Garret's new investment over the summer, a Baltik 13 foot raft, has been used frequently since everybody's return to zoo town. Today Cody, Garret and I headed out early for the Blackfoot.

A beautiful morning to be on the water

Needless to say, fishing hoppers and small attractors was very decent when the water warmed up a little. We caught many averaged sized cutties in the couple hour float that we did. 

Cutty by Garret

Melch being Melch

I had a tough day myself and missed a bunch of fish. It seems like I am still used to the slow takes of fish on the Missouri. My timing was off the entire day. Still had a great time and it was fun getting to fish with my buddies again.

Now that I am permanently in Missoula, the blog will be updated way more often than when I was in the land of Craig. More posts coming soon!

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