Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life is great

Back in Missoula and have internet again! The past couple weeks on the Mo have been good and the hatches have now exploded with PMD's, caddis and yellow sallies. With the hatches comes great dry fly fishing and with that comes the crowds. Work has been busy but life is great.

tied up

Fat brownie

Unfortunately, because of different schedules, I haven't had much time to fish with Melch and therefore don't have any pictures of him at all to post. He has had some great dry fly days lately and I actually have been learning stuff from him. he could be considered a dry fly addict as I am a streamer addict, although I am a little more crazy, I think. 

In my 'other free time' I have been hiking a lot and preparing for a big hiking trip with my friends on the Olympic Peninsula in July. I have had some sweet adventures and even had some dangerous run ins with big horned sheep. Let me tell you now, they do not care if anything is below them on the steep slopes that they live on. They will kick as many big boulders down the mountain at you as they please. 

The latest climb

Fishing in the Missoula area has supposedly been great with plenty of dry action to be found. Trevor is back in Montana and currently guiding a little bit. He gave me some good info on where to take Kelsey, who is also here for the weekend. Hopefully I can put her on a good fish or two tomorrow. 

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